nmps - shell-like game


nmps - Nanohard Multiplayer Shell, previously Nevada Multiplayer Shell is simple text-based game which is played using terminal.

Unlike MUDs that are played using telnet, nmps use HTTP to make synchronous requests to server. Basic nmps client is wrote in C programming language, default server side is wrote in PHP, but nothing stands in the way to write also server-side in C, Shell, or any other programming language. Also, nothing stands in the way to write client in other languages.

Why command-line game?

Just to try how much fun will be from connecting a network with UNIX-like shell and making game from this.

Why PHP?

PHP is not as bad language for writing nmps. It sucks as a language for writing normal programs, because C is just better. It also sucks as a language for writing most of dynamic websites, because most of dynamic websites sucks (web sucks, more here) and can be made statically, or using static generators. But PHP is enough language for writing nmps - it is very popular, so getting shared hosting for almost no price to make nmps server is easy. Additionally, PHP is typical language wrote for HTTP. Of course, PHP is not perfect and is very bloated, but I think that for default nmps server pack, it is good enough. And of course, everyone can make server-side in other language, so when it will happen and will be good enough, maybe it will be one of the official server-side packs.


nmps is still in alpha version, so there will be bugs.
Clone: git clone git://git.kocotian.pl/nmps.git
Stagit webpage: https://git.kocotian.pl/nmps